Church of St Francis of Assisi

Many years ago, I had a medical checkup in which my x-ray showed a dark spot in my left kidney.  The doctor suggested for me to remove my kidney. However, since I was going for a pilgrimage to Lourdes, I postponed the operation.

Before my pilgrimage, I heard people singing hymns in my workplace and they were sung even during my flight. When I was in Lourdes, my friend and I looked for St Bernadette’s house and body. A nun advised us that St Bernadette’s body is in Nevers, Paris. As such, we returned to the church only to find the gates closed. We stood outside the gates and saw people wheeling the sick along the church’s grounds and they were singing the exact hymns I had heard before I went to Lourdes.

When I returned to Singapore, I went to another doctor for a second opinion for my kidney and the x-ray’s result was negative. It was a miracle from Our Lady.

- Alice Loh, 74