Church of St Francis of Assisi

I was born with speech impairment and didn’t face any discrimination from my family and friends. However, I was shy and had inferiority complexity in secondary school. I completed my ‘O’ levels, entered the workforce; got married, had 2 children and left my job to take care of my family. At this stage, I suddenly felt lost in life and wanted help with directions.

Although I’ve been to Christian churches with my former colleagues and friends, I didn’t feel God’s presence then. One day, my friend invited me to accompany her to Novena Church as she was troubled. I immediately agreed and brought along my young daughter.

It was quiet and peaceful and I could feel the warmth in my heart. I felt like crying.  Since then I had been returning to the church frequently with my 2 children, especially my son. Life had been a struggle and a challenge but I always entrust it to God faithfully through prayers.

Finally, after 6 years of waiting for my husband to join us, my whole family was baptised on 14th April 2001 at the Church of St Michael. 

Praise and thank God for His blessings showered on us all these years!

- Mary Yuen, 55