Church of St Francis of Assisi

Like any youth smitten with the idea of endless love, I enjoyed receiving attention from the opposite sex. There were occasions when I gave in to physical affection. My first relationship ended when I was 14 and I felt lost and defeated.

At 17, I entered into a deeper physical relationship that was also short-lived. After being trapped in the cage of inappropriate physical intimacy, I have never felt more alone.

The turning point in my journey of faith was when I decided to say ‘yes’ to God. I joined the youth music ministry and I utilized my talents in worshipping God. Going through Youth in the Spirit Seminar also enabled me to accept my past through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The love of my mother also helped me to pull through this difficult period in my life.

Even though it is still a struggle, time spent with God (and through friends’ encouragement and affirmation) has helped me to overcome my pain and resentment and has brought me to be closer to God.

All it takes is just 1 step towards him, and he will take the rest of the 99 steps.

My God is a God who provides abundantly.

- Esther Ng, 22