Church of St Francis of Assisi

My journey to the heart of Jesus started in 2007 at The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (OLPS). Although I am still at OLPS, I have been attending the faith formation programs in your parish and have grown from its Thursday sessions and Monday Eucharistic Adorations. 

The small group sharings on Thursdays since Advent of 2011 forged many friendships and culminated in an enjoyable group trip to Penang recently. I thank the Lord for this new found community and family.  

By attending and watching the Thursdays' video series of Fr Robert Barron's Catholicism, followed by Footprints of the Apostles: Peter, Paul and the Apostolic Fathers, I had enhanced my knowledge of the Church and further strengthened my faith in and love for Christ. Furthermore, our family has also grown in our relationship with each other through this formation as we attended the programs together.

The Mondays' Holy Hour with teachings, reflections and 'examination of consciousness' is also a source of inspiration and provides 'fuel' for the week. 

I thank the Lord for these gifts and am slowly inching closer to the heart of Jesus; at times daring to live as a fool for Christ.

- Winnie Tan, 59