Church of St Francis of Assisi

14 years ago, my life was topsy turvy - my hyper active son was a frequent cause for complaints from his teachers, my mother had depression and there was the office politics.

I visited temples for peace but to no avail. One day, my relatives invited us to their baptism ceremony at the Church of St Teresa and in the church, I finally found peace.

I wanted to find a church for my son to learn good values from and chanced upon the Church of St Francis of Assisi. I popped in to check if it was a Catholic church and to my delight it was. I started RCIA with my teenage daughter and my son attended a special catechism class with Sr Maria. Truly our Lord led me to it.

During my journey in RCIA, my father went for a heart bypass – a major operation. I prayed and trusted the Lord. The operation was successful and completed within 3 hours. He was discharged within a week.

Before our baptism, I prayed and spoke with my parents to receive their blessings. They agreed immediately. 2 years on, they were baptised too.

God is great.

- Elizabeth Lee, 53