Church of St Francis of Assisi

During Mass with my family in 2007, I observed a mother with her 2 children, who were disturbing others with their talking and movements. Their mother did not restrain them. I was very annoyed and angry by their inconsideration and disrespectfulness of the Mass.

When it was time to sing the Lord's Prayer, they stood and held hands. As I sang, I felt a sudden rush of sadness, pain and cried. I heard God’s voice: You should approach me like these children, innocent and direct.

After the prayer, my crying stopped and I felt calm, peaceful and relaxed.

It was mysterious that I am crying when I was condemning others in my heart.

A few months later, I attended a retreat and requested the retreat master to help in discerning this experience. After pondering, he said I was blessed to experience the Holy Spirit healing me of my hardness of heart. 

I felt ashamed for judging others unjustly as I reflected on my experience.

This incident enables me to know and follow God better.  He is the source of my strength.  He is the true and living God. 

Thanks be to our heavenly Father!  Amen!

- Josephine Kong, 58