Church of St Francis of Assisi

2 of my most memorable God moments were 1) meeting my beautiful wife who led me to God and Mary and, 2) my mother allowing us to get married and for me to convert to Catholicism.

My wife and I were lapsed Catholics who worked hard to provide for our children. One evening in 1970, whilst driving along Woodlands Road, I felt a prompting to look for a church in the vicinity. A sign directed us to the Church of St Anthony and we arrived at a pitch-dark church. We took it that God wanted us back with him.

The next day, we attended Mass there and felt the warmth and acceptance. The parish priest - Fr John Khoo, noticing that we were new parishioners, approached and welcomed us. He invited us for lunch and introduced us to different parishioners.

From then on, my family became involved in different ministries and church activities.

We moved to Jurong East in 1999 and started to attend Masses at Church of St Francis of Assisi, eventually joining the Sunset Choir.

Trust and believe in God. He has a plan for everyone even before we were born.

God bless.

- Philip Tan, 78