Church of St Francis of Assisi

I retired early as a civil servant due to physical health problem and met a lady who rented her stall to me. As I was new to the seafood business, I lost money and encountered financial difficulties within 1 year. I wanted to give up.

My good wife prayed to God everyday for me to make a favorable turnaround, as she knew that it was very difficult for a 50 year-old man to be re-employed. 

She brought me to church and also revealed my situation to our brothers and sisters. They told me, "We have no money but we can pray for you to God to overcome your trials."

A miracle happened. Originally, there were 2 seafood stalls.  The owner of the dominant stall gambled away his fortune and was forced to return his stall. In the absence of competition, my business revived and flourished. I am currently in partnership with a factory.

I am very grateful to God and I show my gratitude by supporting the various fund-raising projects of the church. I am also contributing to the RCIA.

Thanks and praises be to God! 

- Stanisiaus Tan Back Huak, 53