Church of St Francis of Assisi

“Your family members are not Catholics? They will all burn in hell!” replied the speaker to my question during the Q&A segment in my confirmation camp.

This experience began my quest for answers regarding the faith. I was prompted to begin with the Bible. After countless chapters, I realised that the Bible was more than just a sleep-inducing bedtime story. The Lord started with a gentle whisper through this book, and I replied.  Soon, it escalated to long conversations. Through these conversations, he revealed to me that he doesn’t want to be a mere figure who observes me from a distance. Instead, he wants to establish a relationship with me, to be more involved in my life. Since then, communication in my relationship with him is not solely confined to Masses on Sundays. Instead, reading the Bible is something that I do on a daily basis, and it feels superb to know that our heavenly Father wants to spend time with us.

Our shepherd works in mysterious ways to establish relationships with his sheep. Your next experience may be God’s gentle whisper to you.

- Stephanie Hilary Ma, 20