Church of St Francis of Assisi


My father gave up his youth for the family, working day and night. He is humble, loyal and honest to his wife, and rarely goes out for leisure since all his attention is focused on the family.

My mother gave up her youth to take care of my sister and me. She stopped working to become a full time full-fledged housewife. Because of our financial situation, she willingly accepts second hand clothes to save up on expenses. She is unable to afford new clothes for herself as money is used for our needs. Carrying heavy groceries also gave her occasional chronic pains in her arm.

Through their love and effort, I can see God taking care of our family as my family is all safe and sound, especially my father, who is a container truck driver for the past 30 years. God's love for them was passed down to us.

What we are is a gift from our parents. What we become is a gift to our parents.

I am really grateful to God for my parents who made me who I am now. Thank you Lord. 

- Moses Lee, 26