Church of St Francis of Assisi

I lived a life thinking I had accomplished everything without God until a life-changing experience.

My family and I went to India for a holiday in December 2004. On the morning of 26th December, my cellphone was flooded with calls from Singapore. When I answered my mother’s call, she cried and thank God – asking me to watch the news. I was shaken by the headlines: Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. 

The church and shops we went the night before were swept off by the giant waves and had perished. My husband and son were calm but I was worried, frightened and stressed, even more when the headlines read: All flights had been cancelled due to the tsunami. I broke down and felt helpless.

I went on my knees and invited Jesus into my heart again.

On 27th December, the flight ban was lifted and I breathed easier. I realized that Jesus is with me in quiet and bad times.

We touched down safely in Singapore on 29th December and offered a thanksgiving Mass. I began to search for Jesus in his Word by reading the Bible daily and my thirst to know him grew deeper.

All praises to him alone!

- Elizabeth Nathan, 42