Church of St Francis of Assisi

Church Bulletin 22 March 2020

Weekly Reflection

"They set out that instant and returned to Jerusalem."

Luke 24:13-35

In this familiar Easter Gospel, we read the story of the 2 disciples who were on their way to Emmaus. These 2 disciples did not recognise Jesus walking beside them. As they walked, Jesus explained the Scriptures to them. Intrigued by how Jesus explained the Scriptures, the 2 disciples invited him to stay with them and finally recognised him at the table fellowship - the breaking of the bread. Subsequently, Jesus disappeared and the disciples were astonished.

After this incident, they did not stay to engage in a theological debate nor did they sit down and prayed. Instead, they got up and out in that instant to share the news with their fellow disciples in Jerusalem, 7 miles away and in the dark. 

Like these disciples and the women who saw the Risen Messiah, we are called to share the exciting news of the Lord's Resurrection with those who do not know him. However, we ourselves must truly believe in this exciting news to brave the obstacles in our way - the ridicule, disbelief, anger etc.

Let us ask for the faith of the newly canonized saints, St John Paul II and St John XXIII, who showed their belief in the Risen Lord by their actions and their words in this modern world.